Tuesday, October 1, 2013

PARIS - Part 2

Hello again friends!  Thank you so much for your kind response to my previous post about the local Vintage Bazaar.  Oh how I wish all you gals could have been there in person.  You are so supportive!

Today I wanted to share the remaining photos of the trip to Paris that my husband and I enjoyed last month.  You can see the first batch of photos here.  Now that we're 'back to reality', this trip seems like ages ago.  But oh....I look at these photos and it brings it all back...the essence of that beautiful, romantic city.

Tuileries gardens, with a peek at Sacre Couer between the buildings:

Eiffel tower on a cloudy (and chilly) day.  Simply stunning no matter the season...

Romance in the air...

Next is a beautiful building's facade near the tower.  These type of buildings are everywhere.  On our honeymoon 10 years ago, we got home to discover that I had taken tons of photos of balconies!  You just can't help yourself to look up and sigh...I tried to take just one photo on this trip:

After visiting the Eiffel tower, we walked over to the Rodin museum.  You may know Auguste Rodin's sculpture of 'the thinker':

The museum of his pieces is located at the most gorgeous mansion:

Here's a cute shop corner on our stroll back to the hotel:

We capped off that day with wine on our balcony.  Ahh.....so relaxing to take it all in:

Once the sun set, this is what we saw.  Oooh la la!

Our last morning (a bit melancholy for sure) was spent strolling down the Champs Elysees.  Can't miss the adorable Laduree shop:

Here's hubby in front of the Grand Palais building he admired:

...and me at the Place de la Concorde.  Love the lampposts in Paris!

Au revoir Paris!

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Sandi said...

So very nice today to see Paris through your eyes. Probably the only way I will ever see it is through others photography so it is perfect! Gorgeous photos!!

Unknown said...

oh my goodness...that first picture looks like a watercolor postcard! gorge! and your view of the eiffel tower from your balcony....STUNNING! sigh. SO jealous but SO happy for you that you were actuallyTHERE! not once but TWICE! ;) (adore my tokens....)

Vintage Market Place said...

This is the most stunning blog post.
Oh I can only dream of going one day.
What an amazing getaway for you both. Heaven on earth.

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

What beautiful memories you two made!!

Anonymous said...

Hello dearest Susan.
Oh my, your photos of your trip are incredibly stunning!!! What a romantic trip for you and your husband!!
I'm actually going to Paris and Normandy in July for the first time and I cannot wait to see all of the beautiful sites!! It is still so surreal to me that I am actually going to fulfill a long-time dream.
I hope you are doing well and I have so missed visiting your blog!!
I hope you have a lovely week.

Pam said...

bonjour! i just found you through tracey at frenchlarkspur...our family just moved to paris from Mass. We moved from the south shore..so nice seeing a fellow Mass. friend online :)

your booth at the fair looked amazing!
nice to meet you!

Heather said...

Wow, what a trip of a lifetime!! Love these pics. Ironically I just got back from my dream trip--- to YOUR part of the world! Loved Salem so much :) what a fun place!~

Donna said...

Oooh, la, la, Susan! Your photos are wonderful, love the picture of you and hubby in front of the Eiffel Tower. And the views from your balcony were amazing! What a wonderful trip! Oh, I love the all of balconies too, and the roof lines:)

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