Monday, October 20, 2014

Autumn Decorating

Gosh it's been a while since I shared some decorating around the house.  The living room got an autumnal update recently.  I'm enjoying the simple, rustic look.  Some of the items that didn't sell at the Vintage Bazaar ended up in this room.  Lucky me!

These glass candles were wrapped with vintage doilies for a pretty glow:

One of the coffee sack art pieces I made ended up in front of our fireplace.  I'm secretly happy I only sold one of these - I love this one here:

This Mother Hubbard Squash was a big attraction at the bazaar as well, and it was only meant for decoration!  Some folks wanted to buy it:

I adore this big white pumpkin, too:

Simple linens on an old cabinet...

The other side of the living room needed some freshening up, so I actually removed the antique daybed and put it back in storage (gasp!).  Truth is, we didn't sit there much and it is a BIG piece for this room.  I filled the space with a chair and cute garden table I found:

Next to that is the white buffet in the back of the living room.  Some burlap, my Santos cage doll, and sweater pumpkins were all that was needed there:

The desk in the other corner got another Mother Hubbard squash.  Such a neat color!

Here's another view of the desk from afar.  At the corner of the couch you can see a great milk crate I got from the Vintage Bazaar:

I bought it from Amy of Sage and Twine and I just love it for storing my JDL mags!

This and other rustic pieces really pull together the look I was going for.  This galvanized bucket is another example:

And of course no room is complete without vintage books!

Happy Fall!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Romantic Country - Winter issue

Friends, I have some exciting news to share!  Remember last May when Fifi came to visit (read about it here)?  I am so lucky to be included in her winter issue of Romantic Country, out on newsstands now.  Here is the amazing cover of the issue:

My home and work are featured on page 12, in the People and Places section.  What a thrill!

The article includes a lovely tribute to my Grandmother Evelyn and Great-grandmother Rose, this blog's namesakes, and I love the photos that were chosen.  My son frowned about the article incorrectly stating I have 2 daughters, but otherwise it's a wonderful feature!  :)

This winter issue is amazing - I just adore the home featured on the cover, and guess who else has her home featured in a fabulous spread?  Talented Michelle of Petite Michelle Louise!
Fifi came to shoot her home the day before mine, and it was such fun to share this excitement with Michelle.  Take a peek at the first page of her article, showcasing her famous inspiration holders...

....then head to the newsstands to see the rest!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Special Canvas Print

Hello friends!
Today I'd love to share with you a recent addition to our walls - a sweet canvas of a photo of our children.  Over the summer the folks from Easy Canvas Prints contacted me to try out one of their products.  It couldn't have been simpler to order a lovely canvas print of a photograph of ours from their website.  The 11 x 14 canvas arrived not long after that.
The hardest part about the process was.....choosing a favorite photo of our children!  We created a folder on our PC for all our 'potentials' and this image was finally chosen....

It captures a summer day in 2009 when my son was 4 years old, and my daughter was almost 2.  It was taken at the nearby park along the ocean, with sailboats off in the distance.
Although the photo doesn't show their faces straight on, it captures the free-spirited fun they were having that day and reminds us how much they love to play together.

One of the tasks on my (long) project list is to make a photo gallery wall up our stairway.  This canvas will take pride of place there.  Now it's just a matter of collecting more favorite photos for the wall.  I think another canvas print would be in our future, especially with the great experience we had with Easy Canvas Prints.

Although my children are not as readily agreeable for photos these days, we do manage to capture some recent fun memories - like our hayride in an apple orchard this past Sunday:

Every day with them is a blessing.  :)
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