Sunday, November 8, 2015

Fall in the Kitchen

Last post I shared some fall branches used for decor in our dining room.  Today I'm sharing what our kitchen looks like.  There's a lot of blue and white in this room, so it's nice to add pops of red with the branches and apples.

I also removed a white slip-cover from this brown chair, and draped hand-monogrammed red-striped towels over it:

The small white dish holds acorns the kids and I gathered on a recent hike, as well as more red leaves from our branches:

Last year I found this great cabinet door at the Holiday Vintage Bazaar.  Recently I decided to spray the middle panel with chalkboard paint.  I love how it looks as though it's a framed piece:

I attempted to copy a Thanksgiving-themed message (found on Pinterest) with chalk, and added a free-style pumpkin.  Let's just say I never majored in art, but it's fun to try to draw!

Feeling thankful this month!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Fall Branches and Dreamy Whites Soaps

We've lived in our home for 10 years, and it hadn't occurred to me to bring some fall branches indoors for decorating.  I've seen this done beautifully in many of your blogs and decided to give it a try.  Having grown up in New England, I sometimes take the foliage for granted.  Two little trees right outside our home bless us with the prettiest red leaves each fall, and this year I AM taking notice.

Just tucking a few sprigs in mason jars brightens up our dining room table.  They blend perfectly with the colors of the apples, too.

The 'homeschool' dresser has a bigger vase filled with large branches.  Changing out our white mirror with this framed chalkboard gave the area a more autumnal look.  I'm liking it.

I have always loved Dreamy Whites style, as I know a lot of you do, and enjoy seeing how Maria is styling her home and shop.  There's SO much inspiration to be found!  (She's on Instagram much more than her blog these days).  Recently I ordered some gorgeous palm oil soaps from her shop.  They arrived in the prettiest packaging, which also included a lavender sachet.  Each soap was wrapped in these adorable bags:

Aren't they lovely?  I don't even want to really use them for soap, just admire them.  :)

I put one by the kitchen sink nevertheless, and the rest on our vintage shoe rack:

Soaps and ironstone are a perfect combination.

What about you?  Would you actually use these or just admire them?

I wish I could admire our fall branches a bit longer, but they are already starting to lose their leaves.  Better grab that rake and get outdoors....
Happy fall everyone!
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