Thursday, January 31, 2013

Florals and Romance

Valentine's season especially brings out the romantic in many of us.  It's when I add more florals and pinks around the house, desiring to make the inside more 'pretty' as the outside is dreary.  These vintage pink floral pillow covers are perfect for a romantic setting.

I purchased them from Laura over at The Ironstone Nest after seeing them on Debra's Monday Marketplace.  Have you visited Debra's weekly shopping link party?  It's a great way to find delightful treasures to buy.

I love the soft faded florals.  They cheer up the daybed a bit:

Speaking of cheering up, I got a lovely surprise last week.  Our children like to tag along when Dad makes a trip to the grocery store on weekends.  My daughter was beaming when they returned from such a trip, presenting a big beautiful bouquet of tulips to Mommy.  Her smile was so big!  It's heartwarming to see how romantic my husband and children can be.

The love I felt from receiving these tulips will far outlast them...

This little corner of the dining room got a touch of romance, too, with a new heart sachet:

It was sewn from the same Ralph Lauren pillow-case fabric I used as a liner for this vintage box:

They brighten up the white chair a bit:

How are you adding romance to your days?

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Silhouette Valentine Tutorial

As Valentine day approaches, I thought it'd be a good time to share a silhouette Valentine project.  It's my goal to post more tutorials on the blog this year, so I remembered to take photos as I crafted this project, designing as I went along.  Here is the result...

It is a chipboard Valentine, showcasing a lovely lady in white surrounded by 'love'.  Here are some of the supplies I used -  pink toile scrapbook paper, light pink cupcake liner, chipboard heart and silhouette.
I cut out the silhouette on white parchment card stock, using an image from a Dear Lillie blog post.  (It is the same image I used on my sister's tote bag).  There are some great silhouette images on the Graphics Fairy blog, too.  

I also used white Elmer's glue (not pretty enough for the photo), a roll of white crepe paper and white glittered chipboard letters from the craft store:

Here are the steps I took...

Step 1 - Cut out the scrapbook paper to fit on the front of the chipboard heart.  Glue on top:

Step 2 - Gather together and pinch up the center of the pink cupcake liner:

Step 3 - Flatten out the pink cupcake liner with the pinched part still together.  This is to make the liner a bit smaller and ruffled to fit onto the heart:

Step 4 - Turn the cupcake liner over and flatten it to the center of the heart.  Glue the liner to the heart, then glue the silhouette and letters to the liner.  (You could also use the letters to personalize the Valentine with a monogram):

Step 5 - Fold a section of crepe paper in half lengthwise.  You will need to continue doing this as you work with it:

Step 6 - Starting at the bottom point, spread white glue (that dries clear) on a small area at the back edge of the Valentine.  Begin to gather the crepe paper together for a ruffled effect, positioning the Valentine inside the center of the folded crepe paper.  Press the gathered crepe paper down onto the glue:

Continue gathering and gluing along the edge.  This is how the back of the Valentine will look when you're done gluing the crepe paper.  At the end, snip off the crepe paper and fold under to glue at the bottom point:

The front of the Valentine will look like this, with the crepe paper raised up a bit:

Step 7 - Add some glue to the front edging to hold this crepe paper down.  Press lightly:

Here is the finished result.  I love the soft pinks, white and sparkle.:

Have fun with this idea - use your favorite colors, textures and paper scraps.  Add a loop of string or ribbon at the top to hang it as an ornament, and cover the back with more scrapbook paper if it will be seen.    
Happy crafting!

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Winter Vignettes

Sharing some simple white scenes here at home...

At one time I had attempted to spray paint these brown twig hearts white.  The color never really absorbed in, but I do like the grayish result:
a reminder to dream...

It's hard to capture the pretty view from this window with all the sunlight coming in, but there was snow on the ground and tree when I snapped the photo:

This lovely vintage book on the left was found recently on a shopping trip with Michelle.  We visited a nearby antique mall and chatted lots while we browsed.  I don't think either of us came home with much, but our 'picker sister' adventures are always fun!

More vintage treasures are showcased nearby:

These sweet vintage cards get me in the mood for Valentine's day...

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Tilda Winter Memories

You know when something you see resonates with you so strongly it doesn't just 'speak' to you - it shouts!  Whether it be a color, fabric, vintage treasure or a new product line...that special something draws you in.
Well, the latest Tilda's World line has done just that to me.  It is called 'Winter Memories' and it is remarkable.
I discovered Tilda's World last year (see this post) and have been hooked ever since.  Tone Finnanger creates the most adorable fabric designs and writes beautiful books with a host of delightful patterns.  Her fabric colors tend to be on the bright and bold side, which I admire but find difficult to blend in with our home's light palette.  That is until now...her Winter Memories line is designed in soft, muted winter warm colors.
Here is the cover of her latest book due out soon in English (see Amazon):

I've got this pre-ordered and am counting the days...

Unfortunately we Americans have to wait a bit longer for Tilda's World books and products.  This line came out last fall in Norway, along with the same book in Norwegian titled "Tilda's Vintereventyr" with this enticing cover:

image from Google

It is filled with Christmas and winter projects with fairytale themes.  The first thing I'm making when I get the book is the 'Princess and the Pea' project in the doll bed.  Look how sweet it looks in this room:
book page image from Google

And can you believe this adorable Christmas stocking designed as a ballet slipper???
book page image from Google

I just received these fabrics recently ordered...

and adore their colors.

Couldn't resist ordering this paper pad, too:

Look at this elegant stage curtain:

These will make lovely tags:

I definitely plan to make some 'winter memories' with all of these projects in mind.
How are you spending your winter?

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Just Listed...


This one's meant as a chair cushion:

And petite pincushions for your sewing projects...
blue crown

pink heart
Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Winter Reflections

This week finds me purging, cleaning, organizing and crafting.  Typical January activities for many of you I'm sure.  Unfortunately the 'crafting' part has taken lower priority since the cleaning has been for necessity.
But I did want to share a purse I finally finished this week.  It is a textured crochet bag - perfect for little winter shopping outings.

I used a free Lion Brand pattern as my guide (  I modified the sides to use a crochet cable rib pattern instead of the stitches in the instructions.  I thought it looked nicer with my chunky blue wool.  The inside got a muslin lining, while the wood handles (from JoAnn's craft store) were simply sewn on using extra yarn.

It is my plan this year to share more projects, tutorials and crafts on this blog.  I'll try to give more detailed specs about how I created things.  This community is all about sharing.  :)

Of course I'll still show any decorating I've been up to...such as this winter white dining room:

The Tilda's World angels are still here, and nearby I piled some pretty fabric and ribbon notions to keep me inspired. I think I'd like to add more of this lavender color from the fabric corsage into the dining room:

These little trees were kept on display since it's still winter...

Stay warm my friends!

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