Sunday, October 25, 2015

Fall decor in Living Room

Well, the leaves have finally been turning colors in New England!  We had a late foliage season due to such a mild early fall, but now the brilliant hues don't disappoint.  I've made some updates to our living room for fall as well.  The biggest change was the addition of this gorgeous rug in front of our fireplace.

I found it at Home Goods for only $99!  I love how its' colors blend in with our room.
The coffee sack pillow covers I made last year have returned for fall, as well as these dried hydrangeas that have been around for a couple of seasons:

Although I'm not a huge fan of orange, the mantel did get a pop of this color with pumpkins:

However, my favorite pumpkin by far is this green/blue Mother Hubbard squash!

It rests on our corner desk, where you see more coffee sack fabric.  I guess fall just reminds me of coffee!

Thanks to you lovely friends that left encouraging comments on my last post.  I'll keep you updated on our homeschooling adventure.  So far it has definitely been worthwhile.  Happy fall!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Homeschool News and Catching Up

Hello dear blogging friends, it's hard to believe that 3 months have past since my last blog post.  That is a record for me!  Although I've been a little active on Instagram, I miss catching up with all of you on this forum.  So I will do my best to return to interacting more in blogland this fall.
This little hobby of mine got put on the back burner due to a huge decision our family made this summer.  I'll tell you a little about it as I post photos of changes to our dining room....

This craigslist dresser now stores all our books and supplies for HOMESCHOOLING.  Many factors went into our decision to homeschool our two children, but the most important was to teach our children the Catholic faith and all its' beautiful truth.  We now have the freedom to tailor a curriculum at a pace for each child and to enjoy spending more time with them.  Since beginning in August, we have been so impressed with the curriculum we are using, purchased from Catholic Heritage Curricula.  It is rooted in all the beauty of our faith.  I am learning right along with the children, discovering things I never knew, which makes me appreciate our faith even more.

They still get to see many of their friends at extra-curricular activities and playdates, as well as meeting new friends in a homeschool hiking class where they learn about nature and the ecosystem.

Each morning we ask Saint Anne de Beaupre (Mary's mother) to pray for us.  We visited her shrine in Quebec City, Canada during the summer, and took home this beautiful little figurine which was blessed for us.

We only have one chance to raise our children, in a limited period of time on this earth.  What a gift to be able to spend more vital hours with them teaching, learning, playing and praying together.  Less time running around in a flurry will be time well spent.  We will never regret spending more time with our children.   

Parents know and love their children better than any other human being. God knows our children best, and has given parents a duty to raise up their children to follow Him and eventually enter His kingdom in heaven.  That is the ultimate goal in this life He’s given us.  

It is our hope that our children's hearts will be filled with a joy of the Gospel, which they excitedly share with the world…on the road to heaven.

And so each morning we meet here in this room, say some prayers, the Pledge of Allegiance, and begin to learn something new.  Each day brings interesting discoveries, discussions, and yes - challenges.  But we're together and open to what God is telling us.

That's all I can ask for.

First Day of Homeschool

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