Thursday, January 27, 2011

Vintage in the Kitchen

Happy Vintage Inspiration Friday!  Thought I'd share glimpses into my kitchen.  I hesitate to show its' current state, since I plan to make changes this spring.  Think of these as the 'before' photos.  The style of this room is French Farmhouse, with vintage chairs, black & white tile, and plenty of baskets.
Linking to Debra's great party...see you there!

Here's our kitchen table, used for breakfast.  The 2 vintage black chairs were free from my Mom's neighbor (via trash day).  They will be painted white soon.  The enamel pitcher and bowl came from flea markets, as well as the old white tablecloth.  I sewed the topper tablecloth out of a pretty blue toile fabric, and used vintage fabric from Brimfield Flea Market to cover the chair seats. 

My favorite platter on the shelves with a tiny lavender sachet.

A chippy cone holding some white embroidered napkins, hanging next to a window.  I don't dare show you the accumulated snow outside that window (another 11 inches today!).

Dreaming of spring...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

White... With a Touch of Pink

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  I'm sure many of you are up to some crafting and planning for St. Valentine's day.  I love this holiday because it brings romance to light, while keeping my mind off the cold and snow. 
White is my favorite color for decorating, as it is for many of you.  It is timeless, classic and romantic, and allows the addition of accent colors as the seasons and holidays change.  Right now...a subtle touch of pink.
Thought I'd share some touches of pink in our home against a romantic white background.  I'll enjoy visiting your homes while linking to White Wednesday,  Show and Tell Friday and Pink Saturday this week.
A paper scripted rosette, in pale pink, made by Angela Harris from her Etsy store:

    A candy box I covered with scrapbook papers, doily hearts and crochet trim:

A Valentine for my valentine:

Some tags showcasing my favorite accent colors against white, along with a glittered heart in a tarnished bowl.  Hope this cherub on the right doesn't have a 'heavy' heart:

These sola shell flowers from a craft website are so pretty and can be used year-long for decorating:

How are you bringing romance into your homes?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Vintage Blue and Whites

I'm feeling 'blue' being surrounded by so much 'white' (snow).  By this time each winter, I am really ready for spring.  These vintage blue and white treasures are cheerful in the meantime. 
I'm linking with Debra's Vintage Inspiration Friday party and Cindy's Show and Tell Friday this week with some new and old photos (the old pics contain flowers to help us dream of spring). 

Favorite tea cups found for a bargain at Brimfield Flea Market (set of 4 for $4!)

More Brimfield treasures...
(blue and white plate)

(blue flowered platter)

Local Flea Market pitcher and tiny tea pot:

French books:

Thrift store Wedgewood vase (only $2 because of small crack I discreetly hide):

I saved the best for last.  A beautiful Catholic Sacrament certificate from 1913.  It is inscribed with a young fellow's name upon his First Communion.  I love the reverence in which the Sacraments are depicted, and keep this treasure near and dear to my heart.  
Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

White (Wedding) Wednesday

As I finished restoring our living room to a peaceful winter environment, I was struck by how much the winter white reminded me of a wedding.  That inspired me to include a few romantic touches into the room.  I topped this white buffet with an old lace runner and a sparkly white 'MAISON' banner across the vintage barn window.  The Victorian candlesticks on the right are antiques we received as a wedding gift.  

I stamped an 'S' and 'B' for our initials, as well as our wedding day (9/13) on a tag, and included some Parisian inspired stamped tags as well.  We honeymooned in Paris and Versailles over 7 years ago, and would love to return someday.  The 'La Maison du Roy'  is a menu from one of the incredible restaurants where we dined. 

I kept these white sparkly pointsettias around after using them in our Christmas decor.  They were also reminiscent of romantic wedding whites, so I displayed them in vintage silver containers next to our wedding portrait. 

I leaned some honeymoon photos and a Parisian postcard nearby.  Now this shelf holds fond memories of the start of our blessed marriage. 
I guess St. Valentine season is in the air!  Hope you're enjoying the romance of it, too.
I'm linking to White Wednesday to see more romance...

Saturday, January 15, 2011

A dash of pink

As Valentine's day draws near, I can't help but get excited about adding a (tiny) dash of pink into our home.  I've been enjoying this time indoors (during our blizzard week) to make some Valentine creations.  I'll post those later, but in the meantime here are some other peeks of pink. 

I leaned this scrapbook paper against the wall as I was crafting, and liked this impromptu combination:

Here is a peek into my daughter's bedroom, where pink is a welcome color.  These photos were taken last summer as the room was being redecorated.  I had fun sewing all the pillows, including these little hearts and the embroidered 'A'.  I try to personalize her bedroom, as well as my son's, whenever I can.  Someday I'll share those rooms in a post (when they're tidied up).

"Two hearts....beat as one..." (love that U2 song!):

Here's a pretty slipper I got from, and dressed up with a paper crown rosette.  She's our Queen, after all!

Enjoy your weekends!  I'm linking to Beverly's Pink Saturday.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Urns and a bargain wreath

Last week I showed photos of our dining room with winter whites.  Here are some taken of our living room.  It is still a W.I.P (work in progress), not to mention it's the playroom for our children.  Therefore, I avoid taking photos of the floor area.  :)
Here are my flea market urns with some pretty wallpapers and old book pages to fill them up:

They sit on a desk in the corner, where you can see our snow out the window.  So pretty!  We're supposed to get 12-18 inches more tomorrow.  Yikes!

Last week I used a JoAnn's gift card I got from Christmas (thanks Mom!) to purchase this gorgeous white wreath - 75% off!  It's hard to tell in the photo, but the white feathers are sparkly.  Perfect for January.
My white table with the loving Madonna and Child rest below it.

There's a tiny cracked robin's egg in the small dish on the table.  We found it in our yard last year.  For now, it reminds me of spring that will (eventually) come. 
I'm linking to White Wednesday - see you there!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Come Tea with Me...

The serenity of winter whites inspired me to sew this table runner the other night, made of rustic burlap and white ruffle.

I topped it with a mirror, paper cut-outs, crochet doily, sparkly winter tree and our wedding china.

Care to join me for tea and cake?  I really do wish I could host each of you for tea and lots of laughs.
Have a great week! 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Winter Whites

It's 28 degrees, the trees are bare, snow on the ground...why not spend time indoors echoing the tranquil beauty I view outside?  I see that a lot of you are nesting and giving your homes a fresh start in January.  I love visiting your blogs! Here are some pics of the transformation here in my abode.
Whites in my dining room cabinet (from Christmas wonderland to creamy white):

I gave Father Time a prominent position to oversee the New Year (after his transformation described here):

After the big ole' blizzard we had last week, there were scattered sticks in our front yard.  May as well put them to use:

I kept a few snowflake ornaments around from Christmas, and just acquired this cute regal bird and nest from Elizabeth's Embellishments:

These marble accents from the craft store have a nice wintery sheen to them:

My treasured gold mirror belonged to Memeire Rose, one of this blog's namesakes:

Lastly, a new winter 'wreath' for my salvaged basement door.  I was inspired by the new Jan/Feb 2011 issue of Victoria magazine to put this wreath together. 

I'm linking to several parties this week: White Wednesday, Vintage Inspiration Friday, Feathered Nest Friday and Show and Tell Friday.  Looking forward to seeing you there!
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