Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I do have a new Etsy listing to share with you, but first...indulge me in a little story. 
Last night our 6-yr old son and 4-yr old daughter were getting along splendidly (not always the case) and decided to be Valentines.  Our son made paper Valentines for our girl, then serenaded her with the song "You are My Sunshine".  She was beaming.  I took a small video of the scene, not wanting it to end.  Time refuses to stand still, but those moments make a lasting impression.  I hope they'll remember. 

Now..speaking of sweet hearts, here is a fabric heart envelope I designed to hold little love notes.  It's got a hand-knit pink heart on the front and includes several Valentine cards. 

I was excited to share this listing with you from the store, but it pales in comparison to these:
Sorry, not for sale  :)
Sharing with White Wednesday and Pink Saturday this week.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tarnish and Texture

Along with yarn, I think the winter season is a great time to display tarnished silver and other interesting textures.  I've been playing with various patinas and textures in our home lately. 

Unpolished silver-plated bowls filled with creamy sola flowers on the dining room buffet...

I've kept the white faux fur from Christmas on this buffet, as it continues a warm wintery feel.  Adding tarnished silver items provides subdued sheen.  The Victorian candlesticks were a wedding gift and came from England.  I used to polish them more often, but now I like their tarnished look.

An assortment of pleasing items on this old tray:

Can you believe these adorable little porcelain vases came from my local dollar store?  3 dollars worth of cheerfulness.  I can't wait to put pink little flowers in them for Valentine's day & spring time.

On the table, here's an old mold showcasing paper doilies, a lovely heart made by dear Michelle, and perfectly vintage jewelry tins from Sandi's booth.

I've put floral vase pebbles under the mini-cloches in our living room.  Their creamy and smooth texture enhances the serenity of the angel wings.

Often when I'm designing a new piece for my Etsy store, I'll create a 'practice' version.  This way the products are home-tested (that's my rationale for keeping one for myself).
This pillow is a simpler version of one in the store now (which has a vintage monogram in the center): 

Have you seen these amazing crowns from Katie's Rose Cottage?  I just got this one and love it!  It's sitting pretty next to a crepe paper flower I made using a tutorial over at Dear Lillie's blog

Winter is the perfect time to showcase objects with texture & patina in our home.  Whether from tarnished silver, fabrics, vintage pieces, pebbles, crafted items or paper - the visual appeal will last until spring's natural elements abound.

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dreamy Vintage White Creations

It is snowing outside today.  Beautiful, glistening white snowflakes soften the land and trees.  A perfect day to list some of my new white creations on Etsy.

A gathered round linen pillow, with soft floral cotton and a vintage monogram in the center is shown here with a coordinating lavender heart sachet:

More heart sachets...I just couldn't help myself so close to Valentine's Day:

sachet on right is SOLD (but I can make another one)

Much of the listings were designed using vintage trim and lace I found on this Flea Market adventure I wrote about.  Here are pillows adorned with vintage trims:

This long linen table runner was edged with some of the beautifully aged trim.  It would look just as lovely on a rustic farmhouse table outside as it would on an elegant holiday table.
runner is now SOLD

I'll be sharing these winter creations with White Wednesday this coming week.  Stay warm!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Yarn in View

During the winter I like to surround myself with yarn.  It's the best time to cozy up and knit or crochet.  Just looking at the soft yarn and textures brings a comforting feeling. 

My Santos doll is wearing her shawl.  It's a remnant of an earlier crochet project ...

Yarn gathered on the living room desk...soft and pretty:

I've kept the fun fur yarn on this adorable bag from Sandi.  It looks sweet with this vintage book from her:

The throw on this chair was a hand-crocheted gift from my Aunt when our son was born:

More yarn texture lies in the galvanized bucket.  The pillow cover was made from an old knitted sweater:

With Valentine's day coming up, I've been working with some of this pink sparkly yarn (top right).  It's got sequins in it!  And isn't the vintage wrapping on the other pink yarn so cute?

Sharing these soft textures over at White Wednesday.  I love to see all the winter whites over there!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Winter Bare

There is a dusting of white snow on our ground and the trees are bare.  Serene, peaceful.  Inside the house our rooms are sharing that look - bare after the abundance of Christmas decor... and quiet. 

I've added a white glittered banner to my arched window.  Simple...

Some Christmas items have remained, blending in with the serene winter scene...

These horn ornaments on our mantel have a great vintage look to them:

And I just couldn't pack this lovely heart ornament away, found on the fabulous visit to Nesting.

Snowflakes inside and out...

Time passes quietly in the winter...

And I must share with you this incredible doll crown I won in a giveaway from Amy of Vintage Market Place.  Thank you Amy!  It blends perfectly in our daughter's room.  Amy has such talent with her creations!
I'll be sharing these peaceful whites over at Kathleen's White Wednesday
Enjoy a quiet and serene winter!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Out with the New, In with the Old

Yes, you read that correctly.  I'm starting 2012 with a fresh perspective on design.  Although there is always a place for new treasures that will eventually become heirlooms, I'm going to seek out more of the old.  Vintage finds are unique, time-worn, loved and carry a history with them that is irreplaceable. 

Time flies...
...and lands softly in our memories:

Each vintage find is layered with stories to tell...

...yet we can create a new story for it in our world:

(love this vintage wallpaper!)

I'm looking forward to following new (old) paths in creativity and sharing it all with you in 2012. 
Happy White Wednesday my friends!  Don't forget I'm having a 25% off sale in my Etsy shop!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year Sale!

Dear friends, happy new year to you all!  I hope your Christmas was glorious and you are looking forward to starting fresh in 2012. 
We just spend a loooong day taking down our Christmas decorations and tree.  I always feel a bit melancholy doing that, but it helped to take a break and walk outside with my little boy, hand in hand.  I do not look forward to the day when he no longer reaches up for my hand.  Alas, time must march on. 

To celebrate 2012 and clear out inventory to make new items, I'm having a sale in my Etsy store.  Use the coupon code NEWYEAR2012 to get 25% off everything!

I'll be back posting after a family wedding this weekend.  In the meantime, I'm enjoying catching up on your lovely blogs. 
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