Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring in the Air

New England is enjoying unseasonably warm weather and I'm loving it!  Thanks to tips from Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic, I was able to successfully force forsythias indoors.  The blooms look beautiful in our living room, and I'm not usually a big fan of yellow.

As I'm still infatuated with all things from Tilda's World, I couldn't resist purchasing this wire tree from the product line.  It is meant for Christmas, but why  not attach some pretty spring papers to enjoy now?

I cut egg-shapes out of wallpaper, and added other tags I had on hand:

It's now presiding on this corner desk in the living room:

The gold mirror frame from the White Elephant trip got a coat of white paint, and looks pretty leaning here:

Some of the other White Elephant treasures are displayed in this room now, too:
(white post)

(tattered books)

Some whites and snapdragons on the mantel...

My daughter picked out some bright fuschia carnations at the grocery store - not a color I would usually turn to, but I love how they brighten up this shelf for spring!

Hope you are all enjoying some warm spring weather and blooms, too!
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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Kitchen

Happy spring!  It's been a while since I've shared our kitchen (see original post here), which has been updated lately with small changes - heavily influenced by Jeanne D'Arc Living, of course.  :)

The heart sachets & towels I recently crafted have found a home here, as well as the fabulous vintage blue scale from the White Elephant store:

Jeanne D'Arc Living magazine also inspired me to doodle this design on our chalkboard & add this mirror over the stove:

The tiny built-in original to our home showcases glassware & vintage china:

This old ladder is a favorite place to display my embroidered towels:

Ruffled pillows I sewed from Shabby Chic powder blue linen have been placed on the chairs I personalized with our children's initials:

The window also got updated with a light fixture.  You may recall this rusty old cage I picked up at the Flea Market last year.  Rigging it with a lamp kit made it functional for evening dishwashing (I can finally see what I'm washing!). 

Had to add a pop of spring color with roses:

I love the fresh spring look, and being able to open windows now!
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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Red Embroidering

Well, I guess I'm on a sewing roll.  Just can't seem to put the needle and thread down lately. 
Not long ago I purchased some vintage French embroidered letter ribbon from Etsy.  It had my initials, only backwards: 'FS'.  It's been fun sewing the ribbon on kitchen towels and these linen heart sachets:

I like the little French box it came in, too:

Couldn't help but embroider a coordinating sachet with our first initials (dear husband and me):

It's always fun to personalize linens around our house.  I'll be putting these in the kitchen soon, to enjoy the lavender aroma.

Have a great week - spring is right around the corner!

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tilda's World in My World

I am officially enamored with crafting books I just discovered by Tone Finnanger.  Hailing from Norway, she designs the most delightful creations.  Imagine a serene, Nordic, vintage background (think Jeanne D'Arc Living) with whimsical pops of color to stimulate the senses! 

Using patterns from Ms. Finnanger's books, I've created this doll, play cakes and ice cream cones for my daughter:

I've been spending the last two weeks poring over the 2 craft books I bought.  Here's a peek inside Sew Sunny Homestyle:

The play cakes and ice cream cones are found in the same book:

There are various patterns in the book for the lovely angel doll.  Although the doll I made hasn't quite earned her wings yet (er...they haven't made it to the sewing machine yet), it was fashioned after this lovely lady.  Her dress is called the 'Jane Austen-inspired dress'.  Swoon!:

My rendition of the doll got a collar using the same shower curtain fabric I used throughout our daughter's room (yes - there's still some fabric left!):

The blue striped cakes I made match a pillow in her room, too:

The cakes and ice cream took a bit of time to make, I won't 'sugar-coat' it.  But our little girl loves them for her tea parties!
After giddily perusing my new craft books, I happened to be revisiting one of my Jeanne D'Arc Living issues from last Spring.  There were the cutest articles about children's rooms, and what did my little eye spy?  You guessed it - a similar angel doll and cakes/ice cream!  I took photos of my issue here:
Jeanne D'Arc Living magazine - Spring 2011

Jeanne D'Arc Living magazine - Spring 2011

I also ordered Ms. Finnanger's book 'Tilda's Winter Ideas', which contains more amazing projects to tackle. 
Here's some peeks from that book.  See what I mean about a serene JDL background infused with color?:

I can't wait for next Christmas!

heavenly blues!

So now you will understand if I am completely enamored with Tilda's World (Ms. Finnanger's product line).
The doll I made doesn't have a mouth (per instructions), but I bet she's smiling inside.
Should I give her that mouth or shall her expression remain a mystery? 

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Treasure Hunting with Michelle, Abby's Fairy and a Doll

Laughter, great deals, and encouraging conversations - those were the blessings of the day I spent with Petite Michelle Louise!  We are officially partners in crime on 'Picker Sister' adventures.  Saturday we ventured again to the White Elephant shops in Essex, MA.  The cold rainy day didn't hold us back from digging for treasures like these:

Can you believe this scale in the perfect light blue?????

Tattered books..

Vintage white creamer and talcum powder container (powder still inside & smelling lovely)...

Glass bottle and old post from a railing...

This old box will look great with plants in it, or dinnerware...

I've been on the hunt for a glass cloche for some time.  Although this one was a bit small for my glass stand, I loved the handle:

The lovely detailed frame on this mirror will get a coat of light paint soon...

I can't believe I got all that loot for less than $50!  I'll be sharing it with Vintage Inspiration Friday this week.

Here we are feeling giddy inside the outlet store.  Let me tell you I strongly encouraged Michelle to purchase a vintage dress form.  The poor lady was outside under a table in the rain, but that didn't deter us.  We had a good laugh over how our husbands would not understand a purchase like our tattered friend. 
Run over to Michelle's post to see her treasures and how amazing that dress form is.  At least we know you gals would understand our madness over her. 
(Michelle, me)

Here is the outside of the outlet.  Organization & display are not a priority, but bargains are!

We also shopped their regular store down the street, where the prices are less friendly but you can't beat the selection of old books! 

I had the most fun with dear Michelle, and was once again inspired by her ability to ignite a creative vision with old relics.  I can't wait to see what she does with some of her finds!

And speaking of sweet friends, I have to share this lovely crowned fairy I purchased from Abby of Abby's Paperie Garden.  Isn't it filled with romance?
Thank you Abby!

Lastly, I want to share a peek at a project I've worked on.  I've just discovered books by the most amazing crafter from Norway!  I'll share more of her later in the week.  Until then, happy White Wednesday!
A doll for my girl
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