Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Seasonal Transition

Summer's warm and sea-breezed days are getting fewer, but we're making the most of them here.  Our children start school next week, so I'm also thinking of fall and the crisp autumn days ahead.  The house is in transition,  not to mention a bit untidy from full days with active children.  I hope to post some full room shots of autumn decor in the weeks ahead. 
In the meantime, here is a quick fall project I worked on today.  These craft store pumpkins got painted with white gesso. I've been trying out gesso after seeing all the amazing projects Rosemary creates with it on her blog
hydrangeas in transition, too...

After gesso-ing the pumpkins, I 'painted' glue in the top creases with a toothpick and sprinkled with clear glitter.

Here is a before pic of the pumpkin from the craft store.  It was a bit too cream-colored and smooth for me:

Some lingering touches of summer still brighten the day...

I've also been busy designing and creating some handmade goods for my soon-to-open Etsy store!  I'll be focusing on what I love to work with - fabrics.  Inspiration surrounds me...

The pretty and the rustic combined...

Of course I'll share the store news with you as soon as it opens, which will hopefully be next month.
Until then, enjoy this transitional time full of opportunities!
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Ido said...

Love how the pumpkins turned out. I'm a orange pumpkin kind of gal, but I have in my mind that I want to paint some white pumpkins this fall and embellish them with crystals and glitter, we'll see. Can't wait to see your etsy store open, wishing you the best!

Anonymous said...

You've added just the right amount of texture to your pumpkin...beautiful! Can't wait to see your new shop. I'm still trying to mine filled again..so much work!



Sandi said...

That pumpkin looks wonderful!! Love it when we can tweak things and make them look even better.
Pretty hydrangeas too!!

Unknown said...

Yippee! I can't tell you how happy and excited I am for you that you will be opening up your very own ETSY shop! truly mon amie! It's going to be fabulous! I'm so proud of you.....can't wait for the Grand Opening!

as for your sneak peek at your fall decorations....i'm LOVIN what you did with that craft store pumpkin. :)

Vintage Market Place said...

ooh I can't wait for autumn to arrive
pumpkins and sweaters...uggs.
Love your pumpkin project, the glitter is divine.

Anonymous said...

Wow Susan,
I thought those pumpkins were real!! You did an amazing job on them!! Your photos, as always, are Victoria Magazine perfect!! You really need to be in that mag.
Have a beautiful day.

Blondie's Journal said...

Well done, Susan! I love the sparkles, too. They will look fabulous at night! I am so going to try this!

Congratulations on opening your shop...I will be your first customer! :-)


Rachel Noelle Pallas said...

Cute pumpkins! Looking forward to your new etsy shop!! xo Rachel

French Farmhouse 425

Cheryl ~ ZanyMayd said...

Wonderful ~ why wouldn't I think of painting the orange pumpkins white.... what a great idea~ this is why I Love blogging ~ Thanks for sharing, your vignettes are Beautiful!

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Love the pumpkin!
I too am so excited for your etsy shop to open!
Doing the happy dance!

m.lisa said...

I love the contrast of hydrangea with pumpkin. That really is "transitional". I cannot wait for your Etsy store to open! You'll be very successful as you will create each item with love and style! I'll your feature your grand opening on my blog for sure:)

Passionate for White said...

I'm headed to the basement to dig out my ugly pumpkins and pretty them up as you have!

A Shabby Moment in Time said...

Love your pumpkins! Thanks for sharing your tips with us. I'll have to try that out. Orange and I don't get along so white would be a perfect fit for my pumpkins. Fall colors just don't seem to mesh with the shabby palette, don't you think?
Blessings & Hugs,

A Shabby Moment in Time said...

I re-read your post and am excited to hear that you're opening an etsy shop. I was just posting to Michelle that I will also be opening one as well. (sometime soon) Best of luck to you Susan...I'm sure I'll be one of your customers.
Blessings & Hugs,

Mariaelena said...

good morning Susan and so nice to meet you and your blog...found you on White Wednesday....now following and going back to look around some more at your wonderful eye candy....pls come on over for a visit and follow along if you'd like...happy Tuesday, hugs, M

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