Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Winter Snippets from Instagram

Hello friends!  Before winter is over, I thought I'd share with you some snippets of my Instagram photos.  I find that it's easier and quicker to post there, but I didn't want to leave out those of you who read blogs only.  I still enjoy reading blogs myself, so it's important that I share here every now and then.

Here are some scenes from our busy winter days...

This photo is of a lap blanket in the works.  I really enjoyed knitting this small blanket with big yarn & needles.  Just love that chunky look!  I used Premier Yarns couture jazz yarn, color 'Milk' and size 50 needles with a simple knit 4/purl 4 pattern.

Here it is in our sunny dining room on the vintage settee I re-upholstered.  It's a favorite place to sit and read during homeschool hours.

I always get the knitting/crocheting bug during winter.  Other projects I enjoyed making were this tea cozy (a bit too small for this pot, alas) and this crochet basket for our bathroom.

The dining room buffet had a simple winter look, with this stencilled chalkboard reindeer:

One exciting addition to this room is a new-to-us farmhouse table!  We found it on craigslist in January after searching for months.  It's the perfect wood tone and size for us, and even has a drawer at each end!  The table is not terribly old (probably 20-30 years), but it was found in an antique store in England by the previous owner.

I'm still loving our German-smeared fireplace, too.  Here it is with simple winter decor, but I'm already making changes to it for spring:

Flowers always cheer the winter days, and these were some favorites during Valentine's week:

I finished up stenciling some dining chairs that we scored on craigslist last fall.  I used a faux grain sack stencil, hemp sheets, grain sack and burlap on these various chairs.  Still need to trim out some of the bottoms, but they're a big improvement in here!  We had sold our dark furniture last fall, and this room is so much brighter and more welcoming.

That's a wrap for winter.  Hope you enjoyed these Instagram pics.  I'll be back sooner to share SPRING!


NanaDiana said...

Thanks for posting here, Susan. I am on IG but often miss things. Your photos are all just lovely and that one of the roses/flowers makes my heart beat a little bit faster. Love it! Hope you have a wonderful night- xo Diana

Bente said...

I love everything in your home. The new farmhouse table is gorgeous.
Hugs from here

It's me said...

Hi Susanne ...lovely pictures.....can't wat till spring.....miss you here from je Ria x❤️

Unknown said...

Photos are always so much bigger and brighter here than on IG...such a lovely recap mon amie! ;)

Junkchiccottage said...

Love seeing all your pretties on IG. I love IG too but I still love blogging it is a little more personal. Love those pretty knits. Wishing you a good evening.

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