Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sweater Pumpkin Tutorial

I saw the most adorable sweater pumpkins on DustyLu Interiors blog recently.  Did you see them?  Here is the link for it:  www.dustyluinteriors.blogspot.com/2012/09/velvet-sweater.html

After gasping at these beauties on Lulu's gorgeous dining room table, I practically ran to the thrift store for old sweaters to make my own. 
Here are the sweater pumpkins I made, sitting pretty on my table with last year's 'glittered' white faux pumpkins:

They were so easy to make, I thought I'd share a tutorial with you.

I found two old sweaters at my thrift store.  This one was J. Crew size XS and made with wool.  Much too tiny to fit anyone, I rationalized:

First I cut the neck off.  It conveniently formed a tube, which is the shape you want to begin with.

Next, turn the tube inside out and gather one end together by basting.  I hurriedly basted with twine and a large needle, but you can gather loosely on the sewing machine:

Pull and fasten the threads together tightly to gather the end, then turn the tube right-side-out.  This gathered end will form the bottom of your pumpkin:

Next stuff your pumpkin with filling from the open end, leaving some room at the top:

Squeeze the top of the pumpkin together, then fasten it with an elastic band.  I also tied some twine at the top:

Lastly, wrap the twine evenly around your pumpkin to form the grooves, then wrap more twine around the 'stem'.  You're done!

I also followed these steps using the body of the same sweater as a 'tube' for my large pumpkin.  Here you can see I simply cut straight across under the sleeves:

I initially gathered the rough edge for the bottom of my pumpkin, then used the finished edge as a nice stem:

Hmmmm...now what to do with those left-over sleeves of my sweaters?  Perhaps I should take a cue from my stylish friend Michelle and make these cozy leg-warmers (see her post about them here):

(photo via PetiteMichelleLouise)

Hope you give these projects a try.  Let me know if you do! 

Sharing this tutorial with White Wednesday
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UPDATE to this post (9/28) - folks, I just heard from none other than the creator of the amazing sweater pumpkins on DustyLu Interiors blog, where I got my inspiration!  Her name is Deb Kennedy and she has been designing these 'Sweet Sweater Pumpkins' for years.  You should see all the variety of gorgeous pumpkin creations she makes! 
Run over to her blog www.HOMEwardfounddecor.blogspot.com to take a look.  She also offers a tutorial of the pumpkins here: www.homewardfounddecor.blogspot.com/2012/09/tutorial-sweater-pumpkins.html
which is easier than mine because it's no-sew! 
Thank you Deb - these are perfect for fall!


Rhonda said...

You lucky gals and cool weather! Love your sweater pumpkins, just love them.

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

I may have to hit the thrift store tomorrow! I love your creamy white sweater pumpkins!

Barbara Jean said...

cute and fun!!!!

Unknown said...

your pumpkin patch is pretty-for-the-pickin my pickah sistah!! ;) adore your sweet sweater pumpkins! i made one several years ago out of a cutter chenille piece. i MUST add to the patch this year! hmmmmmm...I DO have the rest of that sweater i used to create my boot leg warmers. off i go!! (merci for the mention mon amie!! ;))

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Love your pumpkins!! and those stylish leggins for your boots!! Hope you have a great day! xo HOlly from Damita's Pretty Wrap

Donna said...

What a fun idea, Susan! Your pumpkins look terrific! I bet that everyone is going to run out and hunt for cream sweaters at the thrift store:)

The Porcelain Rose said...

Love this post!
I did see the pumpkins on DustyLu's blog! I went thrifting last week and got several sweaters and a beautiful blanket to make myself a collection of sweater pumplings. I bought the fake pumpkins last year after Halloween on clearence at Michaels. So theses cuties will have only cost a few dollars each and they are so pretty and creative!
You've inspired me to get on the ball and finish mine!
Thanks for sharing.

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Must be something in the north shore air...you girls are sooooo clever!
These are adorable Susan!

Unknown said...

They are perfect Susan!!! I always have trouble with the whole pumpkin thing because I don't really do orange in my decor, but this would work so well! I love how your's turned out!!


:) T

Robin Johnson said...

Adorable! Now if only I had a white sweater just laying around I'd be cutting that thing up in minutes. I love this project.

Debi Ward Kennedy said...

LuLu at DustyLu is such a sweetheart for sharing her gorgeous photo... she purchased the pumpkins at A Beautiful Mess in Agoura Hills, Ca from my friend Kymberley Fraser. Kymberley got them from me - I am the original designer of Sweet Sweater Pumpkins, having created them back in 2007. I've been sharing and selling them every fall since then on my Hummadeedledee blog, and now I offer my tutorial on my new decor blog HOMEWARDfoundDecor.com. (yours is very nice, by the way. my method is even easier: NO-sew!)


Anonymous said...

Adorable! I own some of Deb's Sweet Sweater Pumpkins (white ones, too)~ but I have not yet stage pretty photos. Just so sweet.

Linda Shields said...

I think I will look for orange sweaters for pumpkins, too! So cute.

Anonymous said...

I need to find a cable knit sweater and give this a try! Great tutorial!

Heather said...

What a fantastic idea!! I love this! And I love how you found a use for every scrap of that sweater! Who's a size xS anyway?! lol.
Love the cuffs for your boots, and the pumpkins are adorable. I love the craftiness!

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