Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Yarn in View

During the winter I like to surround myself with yarn.  It's the best time to cozy up and knit or crochet.  Just looking at the soft yarn and textures brings a comforting feeling. 

My Santos doll is wearing her shawl.  It's a remnant of an earlier crochet project ...

Yarn gathered on the living room desk...soft and pretty:

I've kept the fun fur yarn on this adorable bag from Sandi.  It looks sweet with this vintage book from her:

The throw on this chair was a hand-crocheted gift from my Aunt when our son was born:

More yarn texture lies in the galvanized bucket.  The pillow cover was made from an old knitted sweater:

With Valentine's day coming up, I've been working with some of this pink sparkly yarn (top right).  It's got sequins in it!  And isn't the vintage wrapping on the other pink yarn so cute?

Sharing these soft textures over at White Wednesday.  I love to see all the winter whites over there!


Victoria said...

I love your Santos doll, how darling the little sweater is on her!!! I saw on the Tuesday Morning website that they're selling those dolls for $49!

I love your little vintage book, I just bought a gorgeous book from Sandi's shop also but it hasn't arrived yet...I can't wait:) I see you're having a sale in your Etsy, going to check it out. I just pinned your wings to my Pinterest yesterday:)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Susan!! I use to love to knit and crochet, but I just haven't had the time for it in the past couple of years. Maybe I need to get my yarn out and make some time.
Hope you have a lovely week.

Vintage Market Place said...

oh there is nothing like a good yarn.
I will buy ones just to keep and never use.

It's me said...

What a beautifyl styling you have darling.....love what i see today !!...xxx..

Unknown said...

so soft... warm..comfy-looking! and after the cold, wet snow we woke up to this morning, it makes me want to crawl under it and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate! ;)

Sandi said...

Beautiful soft and cozy post Susan! Your santos doll looks so cute in her shawl..just perfect!!
PS I need to learn how to knit and crochet!

Jacqueline said...

I love seeing yarn in a bowl, my mother used to always put some in a basket for decoration only.

Cheryl ~ ZanyMayd said...

Your Santos with the little shawl is so sweet.... Yarn is so cozy looking, perfect for vignettes...

Ana said...

Oh Susan,
Your Santos doll is absolutely beautiful. I got two for Christmas and have been looking around for some inspiration for how to dress and embelish them. I am so happy I came across your lovely blog. I cannot wait to look around some more. Thank you for the inspiration.

Hugs and Kisses,

mercedes scott said...

As always, lots of beauty on your blog... the white pics are so serene and elegant. Also love love that soft pink baby yarn!

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