Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Handmade for Home - Part 1

Well, I'm envious of you ladies in blogland sharing your true white Christmas snow.  We haven't seen a snowflake yet, and Christmas is nearing...send some our way!
Our living room has been a peaceful and cozy place to share family time, now that it's fully decked out.  I thought I'd share some items in it that I've made over the years.  It gives it a personal, if somewhat imperfect, character. 
Here's the view entering the room.  I sewed the ottoman and pillow covers, and simple white window treatments at various times.  I'm all for sewing projects that don't take too long.

The Country Living magazine had a great article about painting stripes on fabric to resemble grain sacks, so I did that on this table cover next to the tree.  Easy!

"The stockings were hung on the desk(?) with care...".  I made these 4 stockings a few years ago when our children were very young.  Two feminine boots for us ladies, and 2 tartan plaid for the men of the house. 

On top of the desk are some flea market urns, holding greenery and a mix of new and Shiny Brite ornaments. 

Here's our mantel, with simple snow-sprayed greenery and candles.  I made the stockings a few years ago after I fell for similar ones seen in Country Home magazine.  They were easily sewn with linen, satin ribbon and mother-of-pearl buttons and buckles.  The edges were left raw, and greenery tucked inside.

Recently I thought I'd try etching the word 'PARIS' on this glass vase using some craft store etching cream and a homemade stencil.  The result isn't perfect and I learned a few lessons along the way, but it's one-of-a-kind now. 

I found this Holy Family on eBay.  They look so peaceful here...

This book, "White Christmas" by Tricia Foley, is a favorite of mine.  Natural, light and easy decor with homemade touches.  It was published in 1997, but the look is timeless.

A classic ivory knitted stocking (not handmade by me, but I love the old-fashioned feel).

And lastly, old books topped with a handmade tag by PetiteMichelleLouise

I'm linking to White Wednesday.  Hope to see you there.  I'll be sharing more handmade decor later this week.  I love seeing all yours out there!


Unknown said...

all soooooo beautiful mon amie! i especially love your handmade xmas stockings everywhere! the view entering your living room is so lovely. i want to come sit there for a while! Happy WW!

Unknown said...

P.S. Merci for mentioning my tag and my shop once again!

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Your decorations and photos are wonderful. I love your style and your white Christmas look...even if you haven't gotten any white stuff yet! We really just had our first dusting this morning. I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas in your beautiful home! Take care, Laura

Jeri ~ said...

Love you creative touches, like stockings hung on the desk. It is all beautiful.

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Welcome to Blogland!!Your home looks adorable and sorry I can't send any snow your way...we don't do well with snow here in So Cali!!! LOL! Thanks for your visit and lovely comment!

Karen Valentine said...

I love the Pris jar with the ornaments and snow. I read somewhere what to put in there to look like snow, but I have forgotten now. Will you share????
My Desert Cottage
Valentine Design

Susan EvelynAndRose said...

I responded to Karen, and thought I'd also post the answer to her question:
The snow I used is called 'Frosty Snow' by the company Buffalo Snow (www.buffalosnow.com). I picked up a bag at a craft store last year (I think either Michael's or JoAnn's).

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Hi Susan...everything looks so pretty and I love how you have the ornaments nestled in "snow"!

Would love to have you come visit the shop ! I work on Saturday mornings right now or I could try and meet you any other day!

Happy WW!

Robin Johnson said...

Beautiful! Beautiful, Beautiful. I love your stocking hung on the desk. I could really use that idea since I still haven't found a good place to hang them in my house!

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