Sunday, August 13, 2017

Updates in the Kitchen

Friends, it's been so long since I blogged!  My apologies.  No excuses here....just life.  We are winding down summer vacation before homeschool begins again, so of course I'm attempting to squeeze in multiple house projects while I have the time.
I'm working my way through a project list, and the kitchen is my current focus.
You may recall the kitchen from previous blog posts and a feature in Romantic Country magazine.  I think this photo from Mark Lohmann is one of my favorites:

This area of the kitchen hasn't changed much, but I am trying to sell the chairs (and a bistro table) on craigslist, while looking for a primitive wood bench to use for seating.

I haven't ever shared the stove area of our kitchen before, because, well, it's boring.
As you can see below, there was an original narrow built-in at the wall which I believe housed a pull-out ironing board.  (We found the cupboard door for this built-in in our basement).  Love those 1939 features.

Along the way, someone had installed these tiny shelf holders inside.  We decided to have glass cut for little display shelves.  Here's an older photo (circa 2012):

Cute, but not all that useful and the glass shelves & glasses always got dirty being so close to the ventless stove.

My recent idea was to turn this built-in into a plate rack, at least on the upper shelves.  So I grabbed one of my favorite books "A Touch of Farmhouse Charm" by Liz Fourez and used her tutorial for a plate rack as inspiration.

I bought some 1 x 3" boards for 3 shelves ...

... and also these flat trim pieces. It doesn't hurt to use a cute pencil for measurements:

Next I painted all the wood pieces white and nailed the trim in place.  Just a tip - it helps to use tiny finishing nails for this, since the wood trim is so light and thin. I tried a bigger nail and the wood started to split:

I touched up the white paint, and here's my new plate rack!

I could have removed the other tiny shelf holders, but that would have been tough and would force me to do more touch-up and painting.  They don't bother me enough (wink).
Now I've got another place to showcase my vintage plates and platters - yay!

Thanks for visiting, friends.  I try to post more on Instagram these days, but blogging is better to describe more in-depth projects.
Enjoy the rest of summer!


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Winter Snippets from Instagram

Hello friends!  Before winter is over, I thought I'd share with you some snippets of my Instagram photos.  I find that it's easier and quicker to post there, but I didn't want to leave out those of you who read blogs only.  I still enjoy reading blogs myself, so it's important that I share here every now and then.

Here are some scenes from our busy winter days...

This photo is of a lap blanket in the works.  I really enjoyed knitting this small blanket with big yarn & needles.  Just love that chunky look!  I used Premier Yarns couture jazz yarn, color 'Milk' and size 50 needles with a simple knit 4/purl 4 pattern.

Here it is in our sunny dining room on the vintage settee I re-upholstered.  It's a favorite place to sit and read during homeschool hours.

I always get the knitting/crocheting bug during winter.  Other projects I enjoyed making were this tea cozy (a bit too small for this pot, alas) and this crochet basket for our bathroom.

The dining room buffet had a simple winter look, with this stencilled chalkboard reindeer:

One exciting addition to this room is a new-to-us farmhouse table!  We found it on craigslist in January after searching for months.  It's the perfect wood tone and size for us, and even has a drawer at each end!  The table is not terribly old (probably 20-30 years), but it was found in an antique store in England by the previous owner.

I'm still loving our German-smeared fireplace, too.  Here it is with simple winter decor, but I'm already making changes to it for spring:

Flowers always cheer the winter days, and these were some favorites during Valentine's week:

I finished up stenciling some dining chairs that we scored on craigslist last fall.  I used a faux grain sack stencil, hemp sheets, grain sack and burlap on these various chairs.  Still need to trim out some of the bottoms, but they're a big improvement in here!  We had sold our dark furniture last fall, and this room is so much brighter and more welcoming.

That's a wrap for winter.  Hope you enjoyed these Instagram pics.  I'll be back sooner to share SPRING!
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